Those of us who love to cook and make doggy foods and treats are caught trying to figure out which flours are safe, and better for those recipes and which ones bind easier. Those flours marked ( * ) can use assistance from a binder. See my binding tip below that will help you bind flour’s better:
The following wheat free flours are considered better for dogs than wheat flours:
Tapioca flour
Arrowroot flour
*Coconut flour
Plantain flour
Sweet Potato flour
*Pumpkin flour and all winter squash flours
*Cabbage flour and all vegetable flours
Potato starch & Tapioca flour 1 to 1 mix (this flour can be mixed with oat flours to ensure more consistency in recipes, these flour mixes are fully functional for gluten free baking)
Oat flour
Finally to assist in binding flour’s try using using chia or flax seed. In baking, both these seed’s gel can be used to replace egg.

Tip on using Chia: For most recipes 1/4 to 1/2 tspn of ground chia can be used as a binder in most puddings, cakes recipes requiring thickening an binding.